The Bar T Rodeo Company

Was founded in the Red Rocks of Moab, Utah over 60 years ago by Cowboy Hall of famer D.A. Swanny Kerby & his wife Verda Kerby. Swanny Kerby brought some of the early rodeos to Utah and has continued to produce top quality PRCA rodeos all across the Western United States taking bucking stock to the first National Finals Rodeo in 1959 in Dallas, Texas and every NFR since. Their Son Bud Kerby and his Wife Evelyn took the Bar T to the next level making it a state icon and one of the top rodeo companies in the United States. Bud, a saddle bronc rider and pick up man, was highly respected as one of the best bucking horse men in the industry. He built a breeding program that today is one of the most sought after horse herds in the world. 

Five Generations Strong

​​​We at the Bar T Rodeo have a goal to preserve the Western Heritage and our Sport of Rodeo.  We want to make sure that for many years to come generations of families have the opportunity to enjoy a top quality PRCA rodeo.​

​​In 2011 Bar T Rodeo's Fancy Pants won best saddle bronc of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo as well as the 2012 Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo horse of the year.  Previous top stock awards have been awarded to bareback horse Alley Cat and saddlebronc horse Sparrow. Many years they have won top stock awards for the Wilderness Circuit. Bareback horse Bitter Robin, Saddlebronc horse 8 Ball and Bull -8 TopGun all won Animal of the Year at the 2011 Wilderness Circuit Finals Rodeo. In 2011 Bar T Rodeo came home with four go round buckles from the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  Bar T Rodeo has been awarded with the Remuda Award, for best bucking horse breeding program, two different times first in 2006 and again in 2011. In 2002 Bar T Rodeo helped produce the first Olympic Rodeo in Farmington, Utah.12 years ago Bud and Evelyn’s daughter Wendie and her husband Jeff Flitton started a Bull breeding program. Several of the bulls they raised have been selected to go to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Legacy Lives On

Today the Bar T Rodeo Company has been passed to the third generation and is owned by Jeff and Wendie Flitton, along with their son a fourth generation family member Cody Flitton. The Bar T could not run and operate without the help of many family members, Evelyn Kerby, Sam and Kellie Addington, Lori and Martin Pierce who all love the family heritage and the sport of rodeo. The Bar T Rodeo family works hard maintaining the quality bucking horses and bucking bulls that the Bar T Rodeo has been known for.

Bar T Rodeo Livestock & Trucking

Producing Professional Rodeos Since The 1940's